Module #1
The Jab N’ Go..

Module #2
The Throw Across..

Module #3
The Slow Spin..

Module #4
The Inside Takeoff..

Module #5
The Triple Cross..

The In N’ Out..

Module #7
The Drop..

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Denarryl Rice
Professional Overseas
Point Guard

“Defenders Are Clueless..”
Yea just yesterday playing 1 v 1 v 1 v 1 (guys were around 21-25, 5 to 9 years older than me) every time I got the ball the defender didn’t know what to do cuz I could get past them easily and if I didn’t do that I pulled up in their face. I felt unstoppable out there, even when everyone else got tired I still had that extra boost of energy to blow past them, it was incredible. Can’t wait to see final results.

Ram Patel, Current College Basketball Prospect

“D1 Coaches Calling
My Mom Now..”
Hey, what’s up Coach Alex M!.. used Effective Ball Handling, your program. I couldn’t dribble, shoot, touch rim and play at all, not enjoy defense..Now, I have D1 college coaches contacting my mom and Coach and I’m currently on the verge of getting ranked in Florida!

Just saying thank you, honestly, I’ve wasted money on other crap that didn’t work before but you are a real life saver and hero. Without you, I almost ended my career! Next year, it’s going to be amazing, you will be seeing me on ESPN and TV next year; hopefully I can meet you someday because you’re programs work, and I’m almost in tears… Now people fear me! I really appreciate it… You’ve changed my life!

Daunte E., Recent Verbal D-1 Commit

“Asked To Work Out For Nation’s
Top AAU Team..”
Hey Alex! Back from the showcase. I overall played pretty good. I showed them my skills (not to mention I had one of the best jumpshots there =] … and! I got approached by a man.. He wants to take a further look at me, so I’m going to work out with the NY Gauchos (one of the most elite AAU teams in the country).. Thanks for the advice and your programs

Lionel Greene, Current College Basketball Prospect

Yea, he played it off and he has the starting spot since we were battling for it until I got injured. He’s not gonna know what hit him when I get back. Thanks to your program, I can pull out a killer crossover when ever I need a quick bucket or just to embarrass someone. Especially because my coach calls an iso when ever there is a mismatch on the perimeter. Thanks man. This is game changing.

Samuel Franklin, Current College Basketball Prospect

“Getting Double-Teamed Now
And Still Breaking Ankles..”
Had a league basketball game tonight, shut down the guy I was guarding because of quickness, broke one of my defender’s ankles when they double teamed me and went 8 for 10 at 3-pointers. If people still aren’t buying your product… well less competition for me I guess.

Zhareef Shariffudin

“From Cut To Dropping
Almost 20 PPG Now..”
Hey Alex, it’s me again… thanks a lot for all your programs… I went from being cut to dropping 8 points first game 10 points to 15 points, to 19 points going up. I got a nasty block today I pinned him off the backboard hard. Thanks man.

Jaber Mohamed, Current College Basketball Prospect

“Beating Up On College Players
As A Sophomore in HS!”
Alex, for real, I got this college player with it yesterday so bad that after I did it in our game of 1 on 1 he actually starting getting mad at me and playing the psychotic defense. Then I tried that in and out one and got him with that and the next play he reached and I did the 1-2 and went behind my back and he was standing at the 3 point line as I layed it up. Feel bad for his pride, he got done in by a 15 year old sophomore in high school and he is a junior in college.

I got 3 people just as bad today. Told my dad about it, and he didn’t believe me. He decided to play today, and I made him fall on his ass with it in the gym. Great stuff Alex. Deuces.

Daniel R., Current College Basketball Prospect

“If You Wanna Play Pro Ball,
Learn From Alex.”
I have played professional basketball in Israel for 13 years. Our league, as most pro leagues outside of the US, are dominated by guards.

If your goal is to be a pro baller one day, learn how to handle like Alex does, it will get you on teams, it’s a valuable asset.

Ryan Lexer, 13-Year Israeli Professional Basketball Player

“D-1 College Player Uses
The Moves Inside Unguardable..”

Thanks man… I really like Unguardable so far. I looked over 2 moves and the one that really stood out to me was the Slow Spin. You demonstrated really well as to how  to perform the move, and even watching from the video it looked belieavable  more than anything! Just looked over 5 minute first step, and man that exercise looks like its gonna do wonders for my game, and especially once I master all of these moves.

Modestas Masiulionis, Recent D-1 Verbal Commit

“Alex Maroko Has Magic Powers”
Dude, I know you probably get this all the time, but I’m 6’4″ and my family finally convinced me to play basketball.

A month before tryouts this year, I couldn’t dribble between my legs. No joke. Now, using your ball-handling program, I’m the starting point guard on my high-school basketball team. At 6’4″. And I’m getting better.

You’re a genius and I thank you.

Leveticus McDonald, Current College Basketball Prospect

“Defender Jumped Two Feet
The Wrong Way.. They All Work!”
Hey Alex, I bought unguardable the day it came out, and I was really impressed just from looking at the moves and how you explained them step by step so we can use them successfully.

I’ve been practising acouple moves all week trying to get them down right, and yesterday when i went to the park to play ball with a bunch of people i was able to test them out. The people playing are playing in college or played basketball in highschool so i wasn’t playing against some scrubs or anything either. The first move i made was the jab, and i was suprised how well it worked.

The person defending me moved atleast 2 feet in that direction giving me tons of room to go buy, which i did. I tried the slow spin and the tripple cross, which all worked.

I havent gotten through all the moves yet but i have AAU tryouts coming up and I can’t wait to make these moves on the people defending me. Ill keep you updated, thanks so much for this great program!

James Saritelli, Current College Basketball Prospect

“I Got Him So BAD!”
Hey man, great stuff on the Unguardable series..The throw across I’ve been using, but just
so you know you taught it perfectly. I tried out the slow spin today. I didn’t use the full look, just the turn and explode method and I totally got him. Can’t wait to hit up the rest of the series.

Dan Hines, Current College Basketball Prospect

“Basketball Coach Loves Unguardable
For His Players..”
“I love the stuff so far..and best of all,  you’re giving it from the players perspective.You break down the very thing that makes the move specifically work and sells to the defender. Again, I was taught a lot of those same misconceptions, like cut and seal, blah, blah, yawn..it never worked for me either. 

Dave McManis, Basketball Coach

“You Teach These Moves So Well.”
Hey man, You have some of the most complete and THOROUGH move break downs. I’ve been doin the movement pattern training for only 2 1/2 days and my crossover is now startin to look FRESH. By the end of the 14 day movement pattern training I will have a crossover literally as deadly as A.I. or John Wall. You have by far some of the best explanations of how to do a move.

Stone Yun, Current College Basketball Prospect

“Laughing My Way
Past The Defense Now..”
Hey, the move “The Drop” is AMAZING. I performed this move on my man 7 times in the same game, and it worked every time lol.

Scott Martensen, Current College Basketball Prospect

“Just Like Kevin Durant and Jeremy Lin…AMAZING.”
..it’s awesome! I tried the jab and go on my bro and he fell over!!! I’m working on my game A LOT now and I’ve got try outs for Melbourne Tigers! (I’m 15 and trying out for the u18’s in October) Most people get nervous for try outs. I’ll laugh my way through. #grind-time.

UPDATE: “I was watching the OKC V Boston Game and I saw Kevin Durant do the Jab N Go EXACTLY how you taught me! He did the jab with single hand in the inside of his knee, then it shook Avery Bradley, then KD hit the step back jumper. Just like you.

Also Jeremy Lin has the BEST first step which is why he gets to the rim so much, that’s what you are teaching me in five second first step. Wow. This relates to so much of my game, NBA games and pick up games. AMAZING.

Oliver Knight, Australian Basketball Prospect

“All Your Moves Have
Worked To Perfection.”
Hey Alex, I bought unguardable yesterday. I just wanted to tell you that this program is legit. I haven’t gotten through all the info yet, but I know that I’m going to have an unstoppable repertoire of moves at my disposal in the near future. It’s going to be a lot of fun to play basketball I can tell you that much. And thanks for making it so affordable, this is an incredible deal.. Like 7 minute crossover times 10. Love it man.

UPDATE: I just wanted to say that honestly, I have to give you major props again for Unguardable and 7 minute crossover. I’ve been out of basketball for almost 2 months because of jumper’s knee in both knees that made me miss about 75% of my season this year. I just started playing again this week and I’ve lost all my quickness and explosiveness that I had previously had that allowed me to get to the basket without as many moves as I probably should’ve had. Unguardable and 7 minute crossover have made the transition to playing without my athleticism a lot smoother than I thought it would ever be.

I was worried because I’m only 5’10 and my game is predicated on getting to the basket with my driving setting up my jump shot. I thought I wouldn’t have that for a while. But all the moves have worked to perfection and have allowed me to still get to the basket when when I know there is no way I should be beating people off the dribble right now. And I can use TAQ 2.0 to get my quickness back to make these moves even more effective. People better watch out when aau comes around because I now have an arsenal of moves. I can’t thank you enough man.

Samuel Franklin, Current College Basketball Prospect

“Gabe Decided To Go With
The In N’ Out This Time..”
Straight made this dude do a 360 spin in transition when I used this move… Then I missed the pull up though lol!

Gabe Hilt, Current College Basketball Prospect

“Jeremy Also Decided To Go With
The In N’ Out This Time..”
I just used this move a while ago in one on one! It’s definitely 100% success rate if the defender is not sagging but not too close too, just something in between that! and I haven’t even gone through 7 days yet! still at the second day! thanks again, Alex!

Jeremy Sy, Current College Basketball Prospect

“Destroyed My Team’s Star Player
With The Jab N’ Go..”
Hey Alex, Thank you! All my friends are older than me taller than me and one of them is the star on the freshman baskeball team and im in 8th grade, I remind you he is 6’1 and im 5’2. I was eating him alive with this move. These moves are killer.

Ira Holcomb, Current College Basketball Prospect

“First Time I Used The Jab N’ Go…Everyone In The Gym Went CRAZY.”
The jab and go is completely amazing for the first time using it..

In a scrimmage after school i had caught the ball on the baseline so i quickly remembered the movie so i did it how you said and oh man did he fall for it bad! i mean it was soo nasty everyday in the gym went crazy and got on the ground and told me that was mean! haha the first time using it and it did wonders and i finished it with a pull-up jumper and made it it was an amazing feeling, making someone bite so hard one way effortless i cant wait to try other ones out tomorrow! GREAT STUFF!!!

Raymar Velez, Current College Basketball Prospect

“Father and Son Working Together
Towards College Basketball..”
Hey this is Mitch, the moves on the unguardable modules are awesome, I used the triple cross, the jab and go, also the throw across, they are really effective and I think they will make a huge impact on my game and will increase my scoring by quite a bit.

UPDATE from Coby, Mitch’s Dad: Hey Alex, we received the Unguardable, Mitch man my son could hardly wait to get to the gym, He spent 5 hours at the gym perfecting each move both left and right, paying special attention to eye movement and timing.

The HS state playoffs are over so he is playing pickup games with Town Team basketball with 25 to 35 year old guys. First game he scored 52 points, not bad for a 15 year old.

Mitch Moulton, Current College Basketball Prospect (and his dad, Coby!)


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